the Ebon Circle

The basics

Campaign after the Dark Exile, but before the events of Diablo 1

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Character Archetypes

The Mystic~ Raised into an ancient tradition, you spent your formative years sequestered, mastering powers fantastic and dreadful. Your arcane lineage reaches back to ancient times and you often feel the weight of its scrutiny motivating your actions.

The Vigilante~ Many would call you a rogue, hood, or outcast, but few of those would say it to your face. You have a strong sense of what is just and what needs to be done, but you have little faith in the powers-that-be to take the correct action.

The Battle-Scarred~ Few know the ways of battle better than you, you have traveled far and bested many varied foes. A veteran of a hundred conflicts, you have faith in your sword arm above all other powers.

The Devout~ You were not always the bastion of faith you are today. Growing up in a rural community you found your powers increasing along with your conviction. Now you’ve followed your gut and answered the call to help where you are needed.


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